Akhil Bhartiy JanJagrut Parisad (ABJP) is a voluntary organization established with a motto of serving the disadvantaged and impoverished strata of the society in the North Gujarat region of Gujarat. Our agency has a very past reputed history of serving the people of North Gujarat through various humanitarian, Educational, Developmental sectors. Dram of a well-developed society with balanced rural and urban growth has been one of the major objectives of our organization, and during 18 years we have achieved those milestones targeted philanthropically. A varied emerging need of the society both in rural and urban centers has side lined all our achievements and has conglomerated a list of new areas to be looked into. This tremendous ongoing waves of inductions has set up a bench mark for ABJP to undertake new programs which is expected to give alternative livelihood potions for umber of families living poverty line.

We dedicated to providing service for children, families and communities in need. With a commitment to fostering self-reliance for those living in conditions of poverty, ABJP has created innovative programs in the areas of community education and development, medical care, Food, Agriculture, Youth Development, Animal Welfare etc. ABJP’s humanitarian work began in the North Gujarat region of Gujarat state, India, a rural area with a large population. We loving and committed service to people and the environment.

Over the past time ABJP programs have expanded from community to Village or District Level. During the past time, aware and informs about the different Government beneficiary schemes to the local fames for helping & supporting them agricultural services. ABJP project’s programs have extended geographically, all of the programs operate with our organization’s values of respect, love and honor for one another, as well as for the environment in which we live.


  • To carry out educational activities.
  • To fulfill the needs of needy woman and children concerning education.
  • To aware and avail education to the women need.
  • To train the women for self employment
  • To education for better health for children
  • To teach and help the people in acquiring the skill in improved and scientific methods of agriculture, dairy, poultry, cattle-rearing
  • To operate manufacturing, distributing and selling concerns to raise funds to support the activities of the society.
  • To assist and help the people facing natural calamities like flood, famine, cyclone, storm, accidents, epidemic etc. and to organize and cooperate the people or organizations for relief works.
  • To empower women.
  • To help disadvantaged people like exceptional children, widows, destitute, orphans, old adage people etc. and worked for their rehabilitation.
  • To encourage cooperation, spirit, equality and removal of social evils.
  • To aim and work for fulfilling health for vision.
  • To help the downtrodden sections of society in raising their economic standard.
  • To hold and conduct classes, lectures, conferences, seminars, camps, competitions.
  • To establish, maintain, manage, promote and conduct information services for the physical, moral, scientific, educational, cultural, economic, psychological and social development of the people.

To fulfill the said objectives, ABJP has been involved in the empowerment processes through various Government & Non-Government programs and empower grassroots communities through value-based processes.